Tuesday, September 18, 2007


So, I’m 44. How short is too short? I know I’ve seen women down town and thought “Whoa! Too short!” And I know that knee length is about the limit for work, but what about non-work days? I have a top that I wear as an overdress (over jeans), but I want to wear it as a dress, over tights. But do I look daft? My husband doesn’t think so, but he’s not very impartial and he would compliment me on wearing a potato sack. Grr, it’s so hard to see yourself as others do. I don’t want to wear it and look silly, but I don’t want to not wear it either. Hmmm…I'll try to post a picture.

My boss is about to get another job and I have to start thinking about whether or not I want to ‘step up’ and take on a job with more responsibility. I am so bored at the moment. I can do my job in a daydream and frequently do. Not good. But it would be full-time work, something I haven’t done for 20 years!! Shockers. I was an at home mum for 12 years and then part time since then. Jack my youngest heads to secondary school next year, so I could manage with no after school care requirements, but do I want to do it????? The extra money would be handy, but it would mean I would have no time to myself and I might just go mad. Then again, it could be what I need to stir myself out of my usual lethargy. It might even leave less time for eating? But when would I get to the gym? Oh, well something to think of. We’ll find out tomorrow if she is leaving.

School holidays start next weekend, ugh. Have to encourage Jed and ZoĆ« to study for their end of year exams, and find entertainment for Jack while I work and they sleep. No plans for actual holidays, although I’m going to take Wednesday next week off – my birthday :-)

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Go time...

I've just begun my second program at my 'new' gym. Still loving it, the trainers, the programme, etc. My sore arm had a massage last week - hard enough to leave bruises, but I think it is working. He is confident I only need one more 'rub down' and it will be better. It hasn’t ached since he did it, although it still feels tender with certain movements - that could be the bone spur that the x-ray found, I suppose.

Spring is finally here and I’m getting in a lot more walking with the lighter mornings and generally nicer weather. It is about 12 weeks to my grading and I need to be super fit and strong. Starting to do daily press-ups now and just thinking all the time about karate, fitness and food.

Not stressing, just thinking – a lot. I may be the only one grading at my level, which means I’ll be out on that dojo floor all alone and all eyes will be on my failures and weaknesses – that is the hardest thing for me. Because I really don’t like being in the limelight and I do make mistakes. It’s a mind thing and I need to know that I can do it all well – even if it doesn’t happen on the day.

Enough, but it will all be training, training, training, from here on…

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Jack grades

This morning there was a general grading on at the dojo. It’s the first one that I haven’t been able to participate in since I joined Seido – and it was no fun standing on the sideline. I wanted to be on that floor – sweating and earning a new tab or colour belt. But, I have to wait for a six-month period as well as do a certain number of classes before I can grade again (I’ve done the classes, just need a little more time under my belt :-)). So, that means waiting until the December grading.

However, Jack was doing his second grading to 9th kyu (white belt with a black tab). He was on the floor for about an hour and then they worked through all the other colour belts. There were no green belts or above for a change which meant no sparring and a shorter grading time.

Jack did well and knew his stuff. We went and had lunch in town afterwards. It’s the first day of spring here and a glorious sunny day with blossom petals drifting down on the breeze. Very appropriate as the Seido emblem is a plum blossom flower.