Thursday, April 30, 2009

1st kyu

Grading is all over. I will probably not have any more gradings in that dojo. I have fair few bruises to show for it, but I was still standing at the end of the sparring.

Fantastic club turnout on a chilly night; Jun Shihan, 2 x Kyoshi, 2 x Sensei, 2 x Sandan Senpai, 2 x Nidan Senpai, 4 x Shodan Senpai and lots of kyu grades. Missed my (now) fellow 1st kyu buddy Karl though :-(

My two girlie Senpai role models gave me a drubbing and my Sensei husband contributed to a bruise or two. Glad it's over.
I think my training was pretty good, but I'll be writing down a few tips for next time. Gotta move more in the sparring and stop just running into kicks and punches. Gotta get a few more moves - use some combinations and try things out.

Senpai daughter gave me her old belt - with the tab already on, so I will train with that around my waist for the next year or so - and hand back my husbands old one that I have been wearing as a 2nd kyu. Senpai Zoƫ is an inspiration to me - I want to learn her kick, it's so awful to be on the end of it. My hips are the colour of battered red roses. Not a pretty at all.


Friday, April 24, 2009


My dad died suddenly on Monday - it's been a long week with the funeral today.