Monday, November 16, 2009

Girls can do.....

I soon will know more about roofing, flashings, spouting, hip joints, windows, more flashings, painting, water systems, septic tanks, etc, etc... Been down to Jedforest this past weekend and there is a bit or work required. The roof seems to have about six different sections, several of which have not been flashed well, or at all, and the spouting seems to have directional issues.

The baby birds (possibly starlings?) seem very comfortable in the verandah ceiling space with the parents staying busy providing worms every 20 -30 minutes the entire weekend

Yaaas, can't wait. Wish I was slightly more proficient in handy skills.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Sparring, huh!

Tonight I got: spat on, sweated on and bled on. I don't mind being kicked, punched, swept, etc - but really - some people need to learn to keep their bodily fluids to themselves. One wee tip would be to shut your damn mouth and a second would be, oh gosh, don't bleed in the dojo - it's not rocket science!

Also, I think my scales are buggered. In three days the scales went 69.7, 69.4 , 67.9 - yeah - I lied last post. 69.7 is sooo close to 70 and that's a round number. And while that is a downward trend, I would be happier if it had happened over three weeks than three days. It's all just bollocks since in three days I have done nothing to deserve those numbers. Sigh. The the jump up will dispirit me - I am such a lame duck at times. AND YES I DO KNOW IT"S NOT ABOUT THE NUMBERS!

And, I love my car. I have just realised that after three months of thinking, "I'm driving a white, Toyota, automatic, blah." I am now thinking, " I like my wee car". I like walking up to it, I like driving it, I like parking it.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Twelve weeks

It is indeed twelve weeks until a family wedding up in Nelson and so what better reason than to embark on a wee fitness and heath spree? I have no karate related goals to chase at the moment. I’m in that lovely 1st kyu space where; I know my entire syllabus, there is no chance of a grading for ohhhhh probably two years, so, while the focus is ofcourse constant improvement and fitness there are no ‘set in concrete’ dates to work to.

So, Nelson, beaches and bikinis seem like good things to focus on. Actually, I think I may be visiting the Bay of Islands the week before the wedding – so even more beaches and bikinis!

Twelve week plan: ramp up cardio, curtail crap food, and be happy. I’ve managed to curb my addiction to mochas and go back to a long black with little trouble (and a dollar saving each time). I’ve almost stopped ‘having’ to eat with my coffee, reduced it to an occasional piece of nougat (umm yum – at Deisoline and Mojo’s – just devine!).

Gym, karate, intend to throw in a swim – just not sure where…maybe after Sunday kata class, or Tuesday general class. Skipping! I’ve made a bet with Jack that I will be able to skip for thirty minutes by Christmas day, yeah – wee bit of work required there too.

I’ll just throw out the number here – much as I dislike sharing this sensitive info – I feel it might (but probably not) encourage me to be vigilant. 69.4 ewwek…

Gym Mon, Tues, Fri morn. Karate Tues, Wed (x2), Thurs (x2), Sunday. Swim – somewhere, Skip, somewhere…Walk a little, eat well, snack well, yada, yada, yada.