Monday, August 28, 2006

Yellow, yellow, yellow

Yellow is not a colour I wear, ever. I have no yellow in my wardrobe - it makes me look ill. But now I have a yellow belt! At least it won't be next to my face;-)

The grading was great, tough at times, and I felt really ghastly now and then - spots in my eyes and ringing in my ears- but the three other adult blue belts and myself were double-graded to yellow. Missing out on the black-tab stage of the blue belt. Very scary as it means straight into new syllabus with a chance to really bed in the blue belt stuff. But super cool as it moves us up the ranks away from some pesky wee blue belts.

Sore calves today. I think from the warm up run without shoes. I remember running barefoot on the beach a few months ago and the same thing happened. Must try to remember that and go for a few barefoot runs next time.

My son was amazing, his sparring skills have improved immensely since the last grading and he fought well right to the end. I'm very, very proud of him.

And so it is Monday and now 4 weeks to holiday and back on the food and exercise routine that this blog started with. Had a good day today, but ended up working an evening shift and still need to hit the gym, about 8.30pm, and then home for tea. But positive.. Four weeks is do-able!

Friday, August 25, 2006

2 out of 6

Two of the six reasons to be "slim.....etc" arrive tomorrow: the karate grading and my older sister's birthday. I probably won't see my sister and the grading is not really about appearance, more performance. However, I have arrived at the day feeling pretty good. The gym and fitness regime has set me up really well for the grading regards any cardio we do. The actual syllabus I know and if I muck up on the day it will only be nerves and nothing that a few years training in technique won't fix.

My 16-year-old son is grading to 1st Kyu and I anticipate a battered boy at the end of it. Thiry fights after an intense grading. I know that I will be in tears near the end of it as it is not fun to watch your babies being beaten up. My daughter did it a few months ago and was quite chuffed to be able to go to school the next week with two black eyes - a dubious honour. Both will then be only one step off a black-belt in Seido karate. But that's a year or three away.

My own goal regards karate, is to make it to brown belt (2nd Kyu) by the time I am 50 ;-)

Having this week off form any food and exercise regime just proves to me how you fall back into the same old bad habits. Chips, chocolate, carb, carb, carb all day. I can hardly wait until Monday and another burst of healthiness.

Oh, I bought the bikini.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Five weeks

I can't read a calendar, apparently. It's 5 weeks to my holiday instead of the four I was expecting. All good, really. I am having an 'off' (excercise/food) week this week, which leaves four more weeks to tune and tone up. I have been having late mornings every day 7.45am wake-ups instead of the 5.40am starts of the last few weeks. It hasn't made an iota of difference yet, but I'm sure it's good for me. I am fighting of a cold and have felt all stuffy and headachy these last few days.

I tried a bikini on yesterday. It was officially a 'snow day' with all primary schools cancelled. Somehow the snowman didn't bother looking out the window and there was no snow in the city, so with my 9 year old son in tow I went to the gym (it wasn't real exercise, just a wee tootle on the bike and the rower) and then shopping! Bought the same dress as in the weekend but in blue. V.happy with that. Justified it by trying on 3 or 4 dress on Monday that were just ghastly and feel that at least I have two things that suit me and make me feel pretty!

Back to the bikini - I took about 12 separates into the fitting room. All from the oddment rack as the new season swimsuits haven't appeared yet since it is still winter. This is good as I like a bargain! Anyway after trying on every possible combination I decided that a few bits weren't too bad. Not sure if their mirrors aren't fixed, but I didn't recoil as in the past with bathing suit expeditions. It's on hold and I'll make my mind up tomorrow.

Finally hit the sun-bed today after signing a disclaimer stating that 'Yes, I know sun-bedding is very, very bad and it's all my fault if I die of a melanoma - vanity, vanity - never again. I have booked about 6 sessions ahead and have a 10 session concession, so hope to see faint tan by then. And as pointed out by MD I have 5 weeks to go!

Monday, August 21, 2006

A dress

Four and a half weeks until Noumea!

Just bought the cutest beach dress. Feel quite relaxed now as I can wear it everyday on holiday and who will care? MD says to go and buy another in a different colour; daughter says go find another dress; MD says do that too. Spoilt for choice.

I could handle a new pair of sandals though. Maybe some sketchers? They need to be good for walking. Might go to town tomorrow and have a wee look. I have my comfy old running sandals but something a little prettier would be good.

Bombed out at the weekend. All the early mornings and training just hit me. Panadoled up all Saturday and relaxed (apart from a game of tennis on Sunday).

Have sworn off all early gym starts this week so that I am fitting fit for my karate grading this Saturday. Then a final three-week burst at the gym until I hit the beach.

Tan, tan, tan, gotta make an appointment!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Weary :-(

Tired, tired, tired this week. Have to get stuck into more study and delaying as usual. More incentive than ever as our holiday coincides with the day I have to have the next assignment away. Means, not a lot of time to contemplate holiday and plan as dull old library study takes over my life.

Body is weary of the gym too. I love it down there in the morning and feel strong and fit, but by about 5pm I am knackered. My back hurts and I am tired of food this week. It's all so nice, but I want other stuff! And so the slide begins, a biscuit here (or two) a bite of this and that and then the evil mind takes over and its 'Oh well, too late now, have another one" I down copious quantities of water to halt it all and then feel bloated and think its fat. God, help me. If I could just shut my mind up a little.

It doesn't help having teenager daughter who manages to put 'Diet' in every sentence! And two teenagers who want all MY food. Or a husband who cooks MY food for tea. Moan, moan, moan.

I need to re-group, re-focus and get on with it. This is the best I have followed any plan (it's not a bloody diet, Zoƫ!). I think the bikini is not going to be an item, but hey, I can still feel good in a tankini, or a bikini top and wrap. Tried to start the tan thing today but dippy hairdresser girl booked the wrong time I said 1.15 and she booked 1pm. Try again Friday.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Feeling great!

Sent my assignment off three days early, hurrah! Movies on Saturday night and lovely Sunday, relaxing and reading with no guilt. Start on the next batch of study on Wednesday. Assignment for it is due the day before I leave on holiday, 5 1/2 weeks away. Phew, doesn't seem like very long! Either for study or for my bikini body ;-)

I must get on to the tanning, with news items on melanoma I feel guilt over that too, but I refuse to be pallid on the beach. We only have a week and I don't want to worry about burning there.

Went on a run with MD on Sunday, pouring rain and even a spatter of hail at one point. It was a 58-minute run and I felt like my legs were made of steel springs! Ran really well and blitzed MD up the last hill. He wears glasses and finds it really hard to contend with both steam and rain. But I was running well. Tempted, tempted to do the 1/2 marathon early September, but I haven't really put in many long runs, so I may resist.

Karate grading to 7 kyu on 26th August.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Busy is good

Study full on at the moment, assignment due August 15th and so not a lot of time to think about food. Which is good. I'm getting the exercise over and done with in the morning and just eating what I should. An occasional handful of dates or a banana that wasn't scheduled, but OK- and dull.

I've stepped up the aerobic content. The twenty minutes business is fine, but I have a winter challenge on at my gym and have a set number of Kms to complete on the bike, treadmill, stepper and rower and twenty minutes wasn't going to get me there. I think I feel better for it too.

Had a chap, who is at my gym every morning, come up yesterday and compliment my running style! Made my day. Asked me how fast I was running and said "marvellous, marvellous!" I love it. He used to run alot himself, but has a buggered knee now and only does weights and walking. Made me feel great all day :-)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Brag, bang, chocolate

That about sums it up. Feeling good - say so - fuck up.

Suppose the only 'good' thing was that I threw away half a slab of perfectly good Whittiker's coconut chocolate, instead of saving it for today

Out for periodic maintenance, hence the chocolate, hence the slight ding on the back bumper of my car. Thank God I don't fly airplanes, is all I can say.

Monday, August 07, 2006

The week begins again

Well, Friday was a bugger! Biscuits! I don't even like biscuits. I had lunch in town with a friend at Minami - a lovely bento box that fitted in with my plan. But on arrival home I immediately craved sweet things. And so I ate biscuits, lots and lots. Semi saved the day by declaring it an early 'free day' meaning that there was no free Sunday to look forward to.

Fortunately it worked for me. I tried not to dwell on it and ate some chips and chocolate Friday night to thoroughly feel as though I had had my 'treaties' and then Saturday and Sunday I was a model Body-for-Life programmes follower! I am amazed at myself

This is my forth week. MD says I’m looking trim and even 'svelte'! But then he loves me dearly and isn't really very objective. Clothes feel much the same but I do feel really strong. I want to weigh myself but am resisting mightily as I don't want to see any numbers yet.

Seven weeks until the holiday, have to get on to the browning of alabaster flesh.

I've settled into a food pattern quite easily. I have the same breakfast (English muffin split with tomato, bacon and cheese), lunch (tortilla wrap with meat, tomato, lettuce, salsa, cheese), morning and afternoon snacks (yoghurt and cottage cheese) everyday. Tea is just whatever the family has but watching portion size and balanced carbs and proteins.

It's probably not perfect but it's a lot healthier than I have been eating for years. And, I don't feel hungry, just a craving or two now and then.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Six reasons

Six reasons why I want to be 'Slim, Fit and Healthy' soonish…
(Doesn't that sound better than, 'Why I want to lose weight'?)

1. Karate grading-August 26
2. Older, taller, thinner and neater sister’s birthday-August 26
3. Gym party-September 8
4. Beach holiday-September 23
5. My birthday-September 26
6. Wedding (not mine: done that, been there, x 2)-October 22

Last pilates

Had my last pilates lesson today. It was really good, there were only two of us in the class so heaps of attention. I really feel the benefit of the classes and wish I could keep on, but $$$. Karate and the gym thing are enough. Might have another 10 lessons later on in the year.

The BFL programme is going well. Pretty much into the swing of eating they way they like. Still have cravings but have posted a lovely bikini body on my computer screen as motivation. Only 8 weeks until the holiday. Loving the exercise, the weights are getting heavier and heavier each session and I can really feel my biceps and quads. It's all going to be great for karate. Just need those abs to tighten up, although the four children who stretched my belly to extremes probably did such a good job it's never going to look like my screen pix ;-)

Had lovely lunch in town with My Darling today. He is going well with his weights programme too. Funny, after all the excitement of finally owning a weights bench I have only used it once, having had a revival of gym visits. But MD is getting plenty of use from it. We are going to be one toned couple! I hope, I hope, I hope! Men, I think, naturally tone up faster. Women have that lovely layer of fat that conceals our rock hard abs!

Study calls...