Sunday, August 24, 2008

Glorious wattle

Spring is just around the corner and our wattle is in full bloom. Each morning we wake to tui and bellbirds singing as they fossick for nectar – or whatever it is they fossick for in trees.

Is there such a thing as light sparring?

No, and the bruises prove it.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Mind the head

An update as instructed…

Ok, ok, Senpai, I do feel guilty about not heading down to the dojo tomorrow at 6am, but it’s just so cold!!! I have no excuse; I’m just not going. And worse, I probably won’t make Tuesday night class either – work thing, grrrr.

One of my favourite senpai sent me the following video clip with the helpful comment “What do you think of my new move?” Much is made of me not protecting my head and much is made of a certain other senpai, who will be visiting on the day of my grading, being able and willing to kick to the head. It was enough to make me wince. Whether it’s enough to make me block my head? Who knows?

A snowy day on the bus

Last Saturday up in Halfway Bush. We usually cancel the buses when the weather is like this, but it caught me unaware and once I was heading up the road it was too tricky to turn back. Fortunately the bus is quite heavy and, while it was snowing, it wasn’t icy so there was no slipping or sliding.

I even had the right bus for the conditions - note the penguins on the side :-)

Excuse the photos, I only had my camera phone.