Friday, January 04, 2008

Christmas Eve

It's not often we get our large and motley family all in one place now-a-days. Teenagers have a habit of actually leading lives of their own. Also, there are so many extended family branches popping up - girl and boy friend families along with all the steps and exs - that we all want to contact and to see on Christmas day. So, we are attempting to start a new family tradition whereby we will get together on Christmas Eve just before midnight Mass each year. Worth a shot anyway.

From L-R: Hugh, Joseph, Lorna, Seán, Me, Jack, Jed (eyes shut deliberately!), Zoë and Ben. Seán's to the left, mine to the right and Jack is ours - Almost happy families :-)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Home alone

For a while anyway… It’s an odd time of the year. Ben is away partying in Nelson, Jed, rabbit shooting in Bendigo, Zoë is baby sitting at her dad’s and Jack’s still up in Timaru holidaying with Seán and his children (from where I have just returned).

So, for a glorious night or two I am alone! What bliss, I look forward to this time of the year all year long.