Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mid winter

Must be time for Timaru Beach Training Weekend! Hurrah! Mostly a good weekend. Awkward mix of family doings, relationship issues and lovely, lovely karate time including a shodan and nidan promotion with candidates from our dojo.

I had a good time but will do things differently next year. Much as I adore my in-laws a karate weekend really needs to be a karate weekend and doesn’t mix well with ‘family time’.

The dojo session had its usual unique ‘Timaruvian flavour’, a little bit of this and that kept those from Dunedin smiling. With the gradings taking up a lot of time very little syllabus was done and it became more of a social weekend – a chance to catch up with others of the same grade from other dojo and also friends who now train elsewhere.

The beach session on Sunday morning was at the more respectable hour of 10.00am due to the nidan promotion starting at 7:00am. It was certainly warmer – but I missed seeing the sun rise over Caroline Bay – although I’m sure many of the karateka, who were out late the night before, appreciated the couple of extra hours in bed.

The water was chilly, as usual, and all from Dunedin got their hair wet – not always voluntarily (Sensei!). No photos as I was participating, but here is one of some of our Dunedin black belts the day before.

Saturday, June 06, 2009


It's been a tough couple of weeks. The start of the dreaded winter blues I guess. All I want to do is eat and sleep. Work is full on; sick people, people on leave, maintenance problems, no time to get ahead. Karate is fineoh, small classes as it gets colder, regulars not so regular. Home is a mess, literally, figuratively and all the bits in between. My car had broken down days before I want to sell it...and I have to work at the weekend! So not me!

The only good thing about winter is flannelette sheets. I love that moment when you slide into a hot bed and lie there soaking up the warm. Next best is waking up and realising that you are as snug as a bug and wouldn't wish to be anywhere else but right there. I always have to get up - but for a moment or two it is perfect.

Off to Terminator tonight, brrrr...