Monday, February 23, 2009

Light week

9 weeks out and this is my 'light' week. Not sure how I will cope with that? Probably feel like I'm slacking off.

Today I arrive a work with great plans for the day, but having 'forgotten' to plan my food. Someone calls in sick and I end up out on the buses morning and evening and working the afternoon as well. I finally get home at 9.30 pm after doing the grocery shopping and picking up boy from his bass how did the food go on a 'relaxed' day?

Carb, carbs, bloody carbs. Breakfast was fine same same old...eggs soft boiled, yum. Then darling husband turns up at my first bus port of call with a date scone and a mocha! He thought he was doing me a favour - chilly day and he knew I was under-prepared both in clothing and food for the day. Lovely, lovely, lovely thought. But a bad start - and he didn't know I had already grabbed a bag of pineapple lumps from one of those damn boxes in the staff room, double bad.

Lunch fine-e-oh. Grabbed some sushi - just the cost ($7.50) was irritating as I usually bring my own - not sure where my head was this morning...Oh yeah I do! I didn't hit the gym at 6 am as usual - I 'rested' until 7.15, so out of routine already.

Any hoo, saved the date scone until 3.30 and afternoon tea. Then ducked out at 5.30 for a quick mocha and a toasted sandwich (bread,bread bread!) then arrive back for the evening shift to find Mr Man (why is he so nice?) has left a wee helping of nuts, a plum and a chocolate bar for my supper! Fortunately I had presence of mind enough to get out on the bus and save them for tomorrow.

Home late and a plate of casserole from the slow cooker and a slice of brownie that Jack made after school.

Not so bad in quantity, but choices not great. Carb city - no fruit or vegies to speak of...and NO EXERCISE AT ALL.

Tomorrow calls - back to gym for light work out then plan breakfast, lunch, tea and snacks. Drop first karate class and just go to brown belt class. That is the plan :-)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday tuesday

Tuesday brown belt classes ROCK! Great syllabus, great teacher, great fun and you get sweaty too! Excellent way to finish a long day on the buses. I LOVE being a brown belt!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Twelve weeks

All is going well. Date for grading has changed to a Wednesday night - very strange after years of Saturday morning gradings. Should be OK as night is when we normally train. The going to work the morning after could be a little tiring - no nice lazy weekend to relax over.

Training and eating are going to plan. Worry not enough of one and too much of the other - but that's par for the course.

It really is twelve weeks this time.

I'm going to invite all my 'lady' friends and workmates etc to this one. Not sure if they will be impressed - probably just see me cry. But it will be a long wait (2 years?) until the next (Shodan) grading.

I saw a 6 on the scales for a day last week! First time for a while, it's gone again just now. But obviously hovering around the corner.

Babble babble, been a hot day.