Sunday, July 13, 2008

A couple of new senpai

Last fight is over

A hug with mum at the end. Zoë's friend and mentor,Senpai Di rushes up from one side while Sensei Seán, Zoe's brown-belt teacher (and stepfather), comes from the other side.

Zoë's last fight was with me, Grrrr!

I was told halfway through the grading that I would be Zoë's last fight. The candidates often get to choose their own last fight person - often their training partner or an inspirational teacher and Zoë had been thinking bout two or three different people. But she wasn't given the choice in the end. Jun Shihan told me it was me and I was flabbergasted, It was a big honour to be given to a green belt! So I asked a few blackbelts for advice and was told to go really hard out. So I did.

Awesome Zoë

Well, my wee girl just rocked. Most amazing weekend; from the trip up to Timaru, when she got a little emotional, to the day of her grading where she shone right though to the last fight - which was with me!