Sunday, July 26, 2009

Babies and boots

Cheesy grin from Phebes.. Latest cute utterance (I'm her godmother so I'm allowed to think it's cute). She's not three yet and leaning out the window wondered... "Daddy, who paints all the houses". "House painters" was the helpful reply.

And I have just sold my first ever item on Trade Me!I'm officially never wearing heels again.

I'm also attempting, not very successfully, to not to go mad as my son attempts to finish his science fair project tonight.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

White is the new...?

Haven’t heard from the insurance company yet – but since I was looking for a replacement car anyway I got cracking with searching for a new car…

The want list was:
• Late model (as late as the budget could afford)
• ABS brakes
• Manual
• Not white
• Sedan

I ended up with a WHITE, AUTOMATIC, 2006 Toyota Corolla GL 1.8 sedan - three out of five. Every car out there seems to be a white automatic. Grrrr. Yes, it’s easy to drive and yes, autos are better than they used to be – but it’s not really driving is it? I feel like I’m on a bumper car track. All I have to do is steer and push the accelerator. I think I’ll fall asleep while driving this thing. Lovely as it is.

Also, it’s harder to take a decent car photo than it looks, especially in winter when the sun is in limited supply. I won’t be pursuing this as an alternative career option!

I went and cleared out the mitsy yeaterday. Four bags full of absolute junk: ropes, books, towels, tennis balls, bike pumps, a hammer(!), a bible(!), hockey pucks, maps, sun cream, etc, etc. I will try mightily not to put it in the new car. What a sad sight the car is. I had a good look at the impact spot and am grateful it wasn't a wee bit further back towards me. As it was I had a stiff arm and neck for a day or two.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


This might be the end of my Mitsy Chariot! Dude crossed the centerline this morning and wiped me out. Not a great start to the day. It was towed away, I'll hear tomorrow if it's a fixer or a write-off.

Monday, July 06, 2009

I want to be two

I have just changed gyms and as I removed my programmes, from my expensive ex-gym's folder, to take to my new, cheap, gym I noticed the rough, intermittently kept, listing I have kept of my weight during the two years there. A huge swing of 2.5kg, up, down and around. Unbelievable!

All the effort, all the energy and all the time that my poor brain spends thinking about weight and fat. All those kms run, weights pushed, stairs run, karate classes attended and so on. And GOLLY GEE WHIZ, I pretty much weigh the same all the time.

I suppose I should be grateful that my weight doesn't swing by 10kg or even just go up. It’s actually pretty much stable month after month after month, with little peaks and troughs. Think positively! This is exactly where my body should be; good eating, bad eating, exercise, little exercise. It just stays here.

I love my gym, and karate, and I love feeling strong and fit - so obviously the exercise I do is not about losing weight (Hmmm, bit of a failure if it is!) and a stupid number on a scale - so I say. But it sorta is! That's how my mind sees it every single day, when I dressing, or walking, or exercising, or whatever; it's always saying "too fat".

I wish I were two again. I wish I could have a day when I didn’t think I was fat.

Phoebe (2) and Ben (21) decorating the wall of Ben's flat.