Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I am back - is there anybody out there?

Golly -perhaps there was nothing happening? But now there is...and I'm back.

My eldest son graduated last weekend and I was utterly taken back by my reaction. I am not a clucky, clingy, overly ambitious mother. I don't push my kids. Sure I encourage, but I believe the best comes from standing back and letting them find their own talents. This could all be bollocks of course and I could just be lazy. Anyhoo!

My boy graduated and I felt it! I was so damn proud, I kept touching him and standing by him gazing in awe at this wonderful person that I played a part in the making off. I loved the ceremony, loved the regalia, loved the post-grad party, just loved the day. Yaah.

He is staying on to do Clinical Psychology, and a Phd. so will be at uni for some years yet. This is the first step. BA Psychology, First Class Honours degree. Yup - I'm a proud mum.

This is his favourite photo of the day: girlfriend, sister, mother.

The man and his university

Crossing the stage

The capping