Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Over the weather, over talking about the weather, over dressing for the weather. Bought a singlet made of bamboo today, cosyish now.
There is a ten week 'work place' fitness programme starting mid July and I registered and did the fitness test yesterday. Aced the fitness part of the test - I'm already at excellent (VO2max) for the age group younger than me! So, not too much work to do there. I have more muscle than expected for a girlie (yaah!), but as usual a higher than normal BMI (it's all that muscle!!). And sitting a couple of kgs above where I'm happy - even if it is all muscle, lol. Still have blood test to complete.
I've managed to entice three other team members to do it as well, so it should be good to have the challenge of everyone being 'healthy' at the same time. Basic concept is eat well, drink water, and exercise for 30 minutes a day for ten weeks and repeat the tests.

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